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Student charged with possession of gun in high school

ALLENTOWN – A student who was attending Allentown High School is facing criminal charges after he allegedly brought a handgun to the school.

The student, who is a 16-year-old male resident of Trenton, was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon at the high school on Nov. 29, New Jersey State Police Lt. Theodore Schafer said.

Schafer said the gun was discovered by a student who saw that his fellow student had the weapon. That student notified a teacher and the teacher took possession of the weapon. Police were contacted by school administrators and responded to the high school.

On Dec. 1, Schafer said it was not known if the handgun was loaded at the time it was recovered, nor did he say to whom the weapon was registered. No further description of the handgun was provided.

No threats were made and no injuries occurred during the incident, according to Schafer.

In a letter sent to parents and staff members, Upper Freehold Regional School District Superintendent of Schools Richard Fitzpatrick said an investigation conducted by the state police found no evidence to suggest the student who was in possession of the weapon had any intention of seeking to use it or to harm or threaten anyone.

Fitzpatrick said state law requires that at a minimum, the student be suspended from the high school and may not be present on campus for one year from Nov. 29.

The Upper Freehold Regional district serves Upper Freehold Township and Allentown. Residents of Millstone Township attend Allentown High School through a send-receive relationship. The district participates in a state program that permits a limited number of students who do not reside in Allentown, Millstone Township or Upper Freehold Township to attend school in the district.

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