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Metuchen names Busch acting mayor

METUCHEN — The brainy borough has picked a new mayor.

The Borough Council unanimously appointed Jonathan Busch as acting mayor at a meeting on Dec. 18.

Councilwoman Linda Koskoski moved to appoint Busch.

“The office of the mayor of Metuchen is a position that requires a lot of dedication,” she said while she revealed that former Mayor Peter Cammarano spent a lot of time in the position. “So when I was thinking who I would like to nominate, the person who came to mind is a person who showed to be a visionary leader already in the Democratic Party. He is dynamic, he is inclusive and I feel that those same qualities that he brought to the Democratic Party, he will bring to the borough of Metuchen as mayor.”

Busch, with his wife and three boys by his side, was sworn in as mayor. Many dignitaries, friends and family applauded the occasion.

“When people ask residents about the best thing in Metuchen, we are tempted to say our downtown, our neighborhoods, our arts, our programming and the BIL (Borough Improvement League), senior center, historic preservation, our youth sports leagues, [and] our schools,” Busch said in his remarks after being sworn in. “When we answer that question in my opinion, we overly look the more obvious answer. The pride in Metuchen is our residents.”

Busch steps in for Cammarano, who resigned as mayor on Dec. 4 and confirmed his nomination for Governor-elect Phil Murphy’s chief of staff.

Busch will serve out Cammarano’s term, which expires in 2019.

Busch said without the extraordinary efforts of the residents of Metuchen, none of the borough’s unique characteristics would distinguish themselves.

He said the collective efforts of the 13,871 Metuchen residents make the community a truly special place.

“It is such a great honor and privilege that I be trusted to move this incredible community forward with you,” Busch said. “I look forward to laying our plan at the council reorganization meeting on Jan. 1. I know following Mayor Cammarano will be difficult and I have massive shoes to fill. I am humbled to be serving this community and look forward to serving my hometown.”

The Metuchen Democratic Organization (MDO) held a meeting on Dec. 11 to select three names to submit to the council, which included Busch, who was serving as chairman of the MDO, and two former mayors, Edmund O’Brien, who served three terms as mayor, and John Wiley, who served the borough in the 1990s.

During the nomination process, both former mayors expressed confidence in Busch’s ability to serve as mayor should he be selected by council.


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