Police, municipal alliance donate basketballs to South River teams

SOUTH RIVER–Helping the boys’ basketball team on their “quest to the net,” the South River Police Department and Municipal Alliance Committee donated 10 new basketballs.

“Our boys’ basketball program was in need for new basketballs. I am in charge of the boys’ basketball program, which includes the middle school boys team,” said Rodney Harris, who is South River High School’s  head boys’ basketball coach. “The annual budget I get for the program is good. If I were to purchase balls for middle school team and junior varsity/varsity at $60 per ball it would put a big dent in our budget.”

Sgt. Edwin Yorek along with PBA Union President and Officer Wesley Sanches presented 10 new Wilson Evolution basketballs to the high school boys’ basketball team on Dec. 14 at the South River High School gymnasium.

“Coach Rodney Harris and I have had a good relationship for over 15 years now, which stemmed from a community policing event years ago. Since then we have kept in contact with almost every event we do with the community involving the youth of South River,” Yorek said.

According to Yorek, Harris reached out to him earlier this year and inquired as to whether or not the police department, PBA and/or the town would be willing to donate basketballs for the boys’ team.

“Chief Mark Tinitigan and our officers love to be involved with the community, especially with the youth. We also like to get other departments [and] town organizations involved when we can. Myself, along with two other members of our agency, are on the South River Municipal Alliance Committee,” Yorek said.

According to Yorek, the vote was unanimous to make the donation of the 10 balls.

“We really are grateful for the basketballs that Yorek and the South River Alliance donated to our program,” Harris said. “The South River Police Department and the South River Municipal Alliance have always demonstrated tremendous synergy among one another in offering safe, fulfilling activities for the citizenry of South River. Again we greatly appreciate them for all they do for the South River community.”
Yorek said that promoting and supporting any organized athletic program is extremely beneficial to the children/teens in town.
“The benefit of interacting with other students, in or out of the school district, teachers and coaches that the kids get promotes positive relationships. In addition to giving the kids confidence and keeping them busy with positive things to do instead of getting involved with unsupervised and possibly negative activities,” Yorek said.
For more information about the Municipal Alliance Committee, visit www.southrivernj.org/municipal_alliance_main.html.
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