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I need everyone’s help in saving honeybees in New Jersey. I’m a Montclair beekeeper and if a proposed amendment to state law is adopted, it will all but eliminate hobbyist beekeeping statewide.

The state’s leading beekeeping experts were excluded from much of the decision-making process and their recommendations were ignored. Lots of what is included in this proposal is not scientifically based but instead seems to be politically motivated. These rules are not in keeping with the spirit of the beekeeping laws passed in 2015, whose intention was to protect the bees and their keepers.

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All I’m asking for is a fair bill where everyone’s concerns are heard and the best law is adopted. That’s not going to happen if this amendment as written becomes law. Honey bees are critical to our existence. Please have your opinion heard, voice your concern.

We have until Jan. 19 to submit comments on this proposal,

Here is the contact information for your comments:
By email:
By snail mail:  Joseph Zoltowski, Director, Division of Plant Industry, New Jersey Department of Agriculture, PO Box 330, Trenton 08625-0330.

Thank you for your support.

Ronald Jacobs

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