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HILLSBOROUGH: We should support Trump, not wish him to fail

To the editor:

“Not my president” is a phrase that has been widely said about Donald Trump, the president of the United States. Recently there has been a lot of anger towards Trump, most recently seen in the Women’s March that occurred on Saturday, the 20.

Of course people have the right to protest, but it is also very important that we come together as a country and support the president. No one should want our president to fail, but “support” does not have to mean “agree with.” Whether someone agrees with the outcome of the election does not matter, it can not be changed, so the best thing to do is support the president and hope he makes the best decisions for this country.

America is based off of the freedom to have different opinions, which everyone should have, but it also comes along with the freedom of acceptance that our president is the one who was chosen by the people.

Bella Kurtas


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