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Woodbridge receives funding to study idling police cars

WOODBRIDGE – The township has received a $10,000 grant to assist with an idle reduction study for idling police vehicles.

One of the Sustainable Jersey grants funded by the Gardinier Environmental Fund for 2018 will implement a study to reduce the idling emissions and fuel usage of police cars that monitor road construction projects, according to information provided by Sustainable Jersey. By law, the police must leave their cars on always. The program will use battery technology to keep the car running without using fuel, according to the statement.

“Investments in local energy projects help us make progress toward the goal of a more sustainable and resilient New Jersey,” Randall Solomon, executive director of Sustainable Jersey, said in a prepared statement. “These grant recipients demonstrate leadership and a strong commitment to advancing climate action that will help New Jersey meet more ambitious targets moving forward.”

“The Gardinier Environmental Fund is committed to conserving the earth’s energy resources and enhancing renewable energy measures,” Gene Wentzel, president of Gardinier Environmental Fund, said in the statement. “We are proud to stand alongside Sustainable Jersey, and to continue to fund worthy projects that support our mutual goals in New Jersey.”


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