Alpha Delta Kappa educators hold flapjack fundraiser to support the community

Alpha Delta Kappa chairs Ruby dela Torre Mangione, left and Latisha Marcellus during a fundraiser at Applebee's on March 17.

The luck of the Irish was with Alpha Delta Kappa educators as they served more than 100 people at their annual flapjack fundraiser on March 17 at Applebee’s in Milltown. ADK raises funds for numerous groups such as Camp Daisy, Embrace Children and school-building projects in Haiti and Vietnam. Its members Race for the Cure each year and partner with groups such as East Brunswick Hadassah in community service endeavors. For more information, contact Membership Co-chair Karen Nonesteid Ellingson at

Alpha Delta Kappa President Elizabeth Framhein, left to right, Sue Whelan, Anne Berry and Jill Luxenberg during a fundraiser at Applebee's on March 17.
Alpha Delta Kappa member Karen Nonesteid Ellingson and her family at a fundraiser at Applebee's on March 17.

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