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Four officers earn promotions in Sayreville Police Department

SAYREVILLE – Four officers in the Sayreville Police Department have been promoted to new positions.

Michael Gaines and Robert Lasko were sworn in to the rank of lieutenant, while Brian Braile and Steven Maslowski were sworn in to the rank of sergeant during a council meeting on March 12.

“We have celebration [with] promotions in our police department [tonight],” Mayor Kennedy O’Brien said.

Police Chief John Zebrowski spoke about the officers, their work ethic and their commitment to the borough, as well as the dedication of the officers’ families.

“It is my great pleasure to be able to recognize four officers tonight for their performance, for their successes [and] for the opportunity for them to be able to continue to serve our community in now a promoted fashion,” Zebrowski said. “Tonight, you [the residents] are going to meet four officers: two new lieutenants and two new sergeants. This is not an easy task getting to these different levels. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to do that, to hone your skills, to improve your abilities.

“It also takes a lot of dedication from all the family members who are here tonight as well, because when those officers are either studying or working, there [are] a lot of people at home [who] are taking on the other tasks in order to let those officers do what they do,” he continued. “So we recognize them as well.

“So it is my great pleasure, first of all, to thank them and commend them for their great efforts, to thank those family members for doing that, and to celebrate the opportunity for these officers to continue their stewardship for our community,” Zebrowski said.

The oaths of office were administered by Borough Clerk Terry Farbaniec.

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