Will NBC bring “The Brave” back?


Question: Is The Brave on NBC gone for good? —Judy
Matt Roush: It’s gone for now as NBC didn’t pick up the series beyond the original 13-episode order. Part of that was a matter of inventory, as Good Girls and other midseason series were waiting in the wings. And not getting the back-nine order is not necessarily a kiss of death anymore. Still, renewal is not guaranteed, and we probably won’t know if it’s coming back—and if it is, what its night and time slot will be—until NBC announces its new schedule in May.

Question: I catch your column every week in the TV Weekly, but have never seen (or perhaps missed) any inquiry about the disappearance of the show Elementary. It was a great show, with intriguing mysteries, and a neat new take on Holmes and Watson, but it seems to have vanished without any word as to what happened or WHY. Any talk amongst “insiders”? —Carolyn
Matt Roush: CBS held the new season of Elementary for midseason, and it was recently announced that it will be one of the later spring arrivals, taking over for Scorpion on Mondays at 10/9 central once that series wraps. Premiere date is set for April 30. A long wait to be sure, but if the entire season runs intact, at least you’ll have something new to watch on some summer Mondays.

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