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Remove violent mindset in order to remove violence

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

Placing armed security officers in schools as a barrier to unexpected gun violence without taking away the violent mindset in human society can never solve the problem of gun violence. Armed security officers will always be in the role of closing the barn door after the horses have left; after the violence has begun.

A carpenter from Nazareth expressed to the human race the understanding that takes away the violent mindset: the golden rule and what I have called the law of equal return. Treat every human being as you would wanted to be treated, the golden rule, because what good and what harm you measure to every human being will be measured back to you by the creator over all your lifetimes in the human condition – the law of equal return.

For centuries this understanding has been hidden from the masses of humanity, but in varying degrees, people such as the early Quakers, Leo Tolstoy, Thomas Jefferson, Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Einstein have uncovered it.

Ray Kalainikas

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