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Have We Given Up On Growing Old With Dignity?

Growing old is part and parcel of life, there is definitely no getting away from that. In the past, people aged naturally and there was little that they could do about the signs of aging other than accept that they were getting older. For many people, birthday start becoming something to dread as they get older and every time they hear happy birthday wishes it reminds them that they are getting older by the day.
Of course, there is nothing that you can do about the fact that you are getting older unless you can get your hands on a time machine. However, one thing you can do these days is reverse the signs of aging through a variety of treatments that have been made available. These treatments were once used by only the wealthy because of the costs associated with them. However, these days they are far more affordable and this has made them easily available to the masses.
One thing that we do have to consider, however, is whether we should be turning to these treatments to make ourselves look younger. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look your best and being well groomed and presentable is something everyone should aim for. Some people do think, however, that by having these anti-aging treatments people are no longer growing old gracefully and with dignity. Instead, they are being dragged into their senior years kicking and screaming in a last ditch attempt to try and hang on to their youth.
For some younger people, the last thing they want to see is their granny wondering around unable to form proper expressions because she has been having regular Botox treatment. Likewise, many people don’t want to see their older loved ones looking totally unnatural, which is the result that too much treatment can have. However, these days the treatments available are far more effectively and provide more natural results. This means that as long as you are sensible about how often you have treatments and the type of treatment you have, you should be able to make a difference without having the words ‘cosmetic surgery’ printed over your forehead.
Many people are worried about things such as wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet, and other signs of aging on the face and neck. This is because these are areas that are always on show and therefore signs of aging in these areas can make people feel self-conscious. Of course, there are plenty of people that do not have an issue with growing old gracefully – these are people that still look after themselves and their skin but do not try to look younger than their years by dying their hair or indulging in various forms of cosmetic treatment.
Having said that, your appearance is something that can have a dramatic effect on your self confidence and self esteem. For those that are really suffering as a result of an aging appearance, having cosmetic surgery can be an effective solution. The good news is that you don’t even have to go through painful surgery these days, as there are plenty of non-invasive treatments that you can have such as dermal fillers. However, the one thing you do need to do is make sure you do not go over the top with the treatments that you have, otherwise you could end up looking worse rather than better. Many people actually do become addicted to having cosmetic surgery carried out, and this could be a downward spiral in terms of your appearance and in terms of your finances.

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