Linwood students place second in Mars video challenge

NORTH BRUNSWICK – Linwood Middle School students Kushaan Jain, Jatin Chirra and Ronit Nagar finished second in the Lockheed Martin Video Challenge.
The challenge was to design a habitation module for the Mars Base Camp and present their module through a short video along with a visual representation of the habitation module.
As seen in the video, the module is what the Orion spacecraft capsule will dock to once in orbit. There is a rover that will separate from the spacecraft to land on the Martian surface and relay information to NASA.
There is a nuclear power generator, plus solar panels in case the reactor becomes too dangerous for humans to operate, or stops working.
The artificial gravity ring includes space for sleeping quarters, a kitchen, exercise and entertainment. There is dehydrated food. Laser communication enables a 4-10 second delay when trying to reach Earth.
The zero gravity chamber allows astronauts to conduct microgravity experiments. The docking station and propulsion allows the astronauts to exit the spacecraft, while also docking other space ships.
The students won a cash prize of $5,000.
The video is available at