HILLSBOROUGH: Jerusalem embassy an “irresponsible” move by Trump


To the editor:

On May 14, the United States opened its new embassy in Jerusalem, sparking widespread protests and violence along the security fence from Palestinians. The Israeli Army says 35,000 Palestinians were taking part in the riots, where Israeli snipers killed at least 41 protesters and injured nearly 2000. The goals of the riots are to break through the border and cause havoc in Israeli communities nearby. The protests are a reaction to the displacement of thousands of Palestinians following the foundation of Israel 70 years ago, and the US moving their embassy to Jerusalem.

This highly controversial move by the US was nothing more than a symbolic gesture, resulting in mass chaos and death. It was irresponsible of the White House to make this decision, putting Israel’s national defense in danger and removing the U.S. from 70 years of agreement among the United Nations. It was a strong act of defiance from a president who promised just that, but it will result in nothing more than greater conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Jake Naroden