HILLSBOROUGH: Student-run game a menace to the township


To the editor:

As a resident of Hillsborough, it has come to my attention that there have been many instances when the need for police officers simply was not an emergency.

Over the past several years, there has been a game played by seniors in high school, called Senior Assassins. It is a childish water gun fight that spans the length of a week. Students will go to drastic measures in order to get another player out, including blocking roads, driving on the wrong side of the road and even high speed chases. Along the course of this game there has been roughly four car accidents, some extremely serious. As a way to escape being trapped, players have the audacity to call the police in order to clear them of a situation.

Being a member of the town, I think it is absolutely ridiculous to have the police waste their time on these matters. There is simply no emergency and this is just a game. Students should not call the police and take time away from actual emergencies that could be happening in the town.

There are many areas in town where the speed limit is loosely enforced, there are many pedestrians and there are also intersections with frequent accidents. The police force should not be bothered by this game in order to ensure the safety of the town.

Other residents in Hillsborough are concerned about players driving on lawns, trespassing, reckless driving and noise complaints. In a game that only spans a week, there is more trouble in the town than any other time of year. This game of Senior Assassins is not school organized and is instead run by a group of seniors that elect not to participate in the game. I think the town should identify a way to prevent this game being played. There are too many valuable resources in this town that are being wasted due to the immature behavior that takes place during this game.

I would never want my child to waste the time of a police officer over a game like this. As someone who is just viewing this game from the outside, it is scary to witness what is occurring in this town. Doing something as simple as driving down the street is concerning because of student-established roadblocks and high-speed chases.

I have been told that the school tries to prevent the game from being played by sending emails to parents and students and also prohibits students from playing on school grounds. I strongly believe that this matter should be taken to a higher level in order to prevent the chaos that has been brought to the town.

I am aware Hillsborough is not the only town that this game is played. Local governments in each town should take necessary measures in order to stop the kids from being encouraged to play. Laws should be passed to prevent these seniors from believing it is acceptable to act irresponsibly during the week of Senior Assassins.

Zachary Tynan