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Parties may meet to discuss charter school enrollment

The Princeton Public Schools and the Princeton Charter School, two sides fighting in court over the charter school adding more students, are trying to set up a meeting to discuss that and other issues, an official close to the matter said.

Princeton Board of Education President Patrick Sullivan said on June 13 that any meeting would include representatives of the school board and the charter school trustees.

Asked if a date has been picked out, Sullivan said, “I can’t say.”

Sullivan declined to get into specifics about what issues would come up during the meeting, but said one issue would be the litigation over the enrollment expansion at the charter school.

The charter school received permission from the state Department of Education in 2017 to add 76 students who would be phased in across two years.

The school district has sued to overturn that approval and has argued that the additional students would mean more than $1 million in additional funds would have to be provided to the charter school annually.

Paul Josephson, president of the charter school trustees, has declined to comment.

“We’ve always said they are part of this community and their kids are our kids,” Sullivan said of the charter school. “We want to figure out a way we can coexist.”

“We look forward to working collaboratively with our partners at the charter school to resolve issues and reduce costs,” Superintendent of Schools Stephen C. Cochrane said on June 13.

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