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Millstone will have police officer for schools beginning in September

Photo by Philip Sean Curran
The Weston Mill Dam will be removed from Millstone River in an effort to clear the way for local aquatic life.

MILLSTONE – The Millstone Township K-8 School District Board of Education has entered into a shared services agreement with neighboring Manalapan which will have the Manalapan Police Department provide the school district with one Class III special law enforcement officer.

The district operates the Millstone Township Primary School and the Millstone Township Elementary School at the same campus on Schoolhouse Road, and the Millstone Township Middle School on Dawson Court.

On June 11, board members approved the shared services agreement with Manalapan for one Class III officer to serve the school district.

Class III officers are retired law enforcement officers who are authorized to exercise full powers and duties similar to those of a full-time police officer while providing security at schools during the hours the schools are normally in session and/or occupied by students and/or teachers.

The board entered into a shared services agreement with Manalapan for one Class III officer because Millstone does not have its own police force. Regular police services in Millstone are provided by the New Jersey State Police.

According to the terms of the agreement, Manalapan Police Chief Michael Fountain will assign one Class III officer to the school district. The officer’s duties and the extent of those duties will be assigned by Fountain in cooperation with Millstone Superintendent of Schools Christopher Huss or a designee.

The Class III officer will serve the school district during the 2018-19 school year. Unless the school district or Manalapan cancels the agreement, it will renew annually for three additional one-year terms.

According to the agreement, the officer will be under the supervision and direction of Fountain or another superior officer designated by Fountain, and will remain subject to all rules and regulations of the Manalapan Police Department. The officer will not be considered an employee of the Millstone school district or the board.

The board will reimburse Manalapan for all costs incurred by Manalapan for services rendered by the officer in the school district.

In addition, Manalapan and the board will mutually indemnify and hold each other harmless for all claims, including attorney fees and costs, arising out of the duties of the officer under the agreement, unless any losses, claims, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses arise out of the willful misconduct of either party.

“I am thankful for the supportive and collaborative relationship we have formed with the Manalapan Police Department,” Huss said. “I look forward to combining their services with those already being provided by the New Jersey State Police to best meet the needs of our students and schools, and to further ensure everyone’s safety.”

To protect the security measures that are being put into place, school district administrators said they could not share additional details regarding the shared services agreement.

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