Mattaliano named Manalapan’s Officer of the Year for 2017

MANALAPAN – Patrolman Bart Mattaliano has been named the Officer of the Year for 2017 by the Manalapan Police Department.

The police department held its 2017 awards program during the June 20 meeting of the Township Committee. Members of the governing body commended and thanked the officers for all of the services they provide to the community and to Manalapan’s residents.

Police Chief Michael Fountain explained that each year, all of the supervisors in the police department submit a name to the police chief of the officer who they believe most exemplifies the professionalism and dedication to law enforcement all the members of the department wish to achieve.

“The chief is then given the difficult task of picking the one individual who best represents this honor. This year, however, was different. When I received the recommendations from the supervisors, the submissions were unanimous. All were for Patrolman Bart Mattaliano,” Fountain said.

“Patrolman Mattaliano has been a positive representation of this organization since he began his career here in January 2006. He is a person with a dedicated work ethic and has
consistently continued to enhance his level of performance. Patrolman Mattaliano is a team player who leads by example, and has chosen a positive path toward the organizational goals and objectives.

“His job performance stands on its own. During calendar year 2017, Patrolman Mattaliano handled 530 calls for service, 118 cases, made 51 arrests, of which a large portion were the result of self-initiated narcotics investigations, he made 588 motor vehicle stops, and issued 260 motor vehicle summonses.

“Patrolman Mattaliano is a former honor guard member, and current field training officer, guiding our newest officers on their path to success. Patrolman Mattaliano through his determination and effort is certainly deserving of this recognition,” Fountain said.

The 2017 Drug Buster Award was presented to Mattaliano and Patrolman John Lightbody. Police supervisors made special note of the award, saying, “The Manalapan Police Department recognizes the narcotics epidemic that has spread throughout so many communities and we are certainly not immune to this issue.

“This agency has made a commitment to our citizens that we will make every effort to help to reduce the number of narcotics related offenses within our town, leading to a better quality of life for all of our residents. Officers Mattaliano and Lightbody were responsible for a significant number of the department’s 55 narcotics related arrests.

“In addition, these officers cultivated and used confidential informants to aid in the narcotics investigations. They have also displayed an unwavering commitment to this agency’s goals in reducing narcotics related offenses in Manalapan by mentoring new officers and teaching them effective narcotics investigative techniques,” the supervisors said.

An Exceptional Service Award was presented to Patrolman Phillip Accatatta. Police supervisors said Accatatta “conducted an extremely timely and thorough investigation … which included the recruitment and use of confidential informants, the execution of controlled purchases of narcotics, the planning and coordination of the search warrant execution, and the seamless use of and cooperation with the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office Narcotic Strike Force.

“The entire investigation was completed without any unforeseen circumstances and resulted in the arrest of two brothers for a litany of narcotics related charges, including the distribution of heroin in a school zone,” the supervisors said.

An Exceptional Service Award was also presented to Sgt. Daniel Carey. Police supervisors said that “as a result of extreme dedication to the organization, and the concern for the
safety of all of the members of the police department, Sgt. Carey spearheaded a
program for defensive tactics training and combat/life-saving first aid training.

“Sgt. Carey took an enormous amount of his personal time and despite the delays and obstacles he faced, he never wavered in his belief that the training was necessary for the members of this agency. Sgt. Carey exemplified what a dedicated member of the agency can accomplish when the drive, desire and belief in what is being done will benefit fellow
officers,” the supervisors said.

Other awards were as follows:

Honorable Service Award – five years, Patrolman Joseph Defilippis, Patrolman Matthew Meyler, Patrolman Phillip Accatatta and Patrolman Kyle Earley; 10 Years, Detective Jared Aronson, Patrolman Adam Sosnowski; 15 Years, Detective Charles Alaimo, Patrolman Bryan Belardo, Patrolman Jeffrey Emslie; 20 Years, Detective Sgt. Peter Chalfin, Sgt. Kevin McIntosh, Detective Kevin Schmidt.

Educational Achievement Award – Master’s Degree (Master of Administrative Science Fairleigh Dickinson University), Sgt. Daniel Carey, Patrolman John Lightbody, Patrolman Matthew Porricelli; Bachelor’s Degree (Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies), Patrolman Adam Sosnowski, Patrolman Phillip Accatatta, Patrolman Christopher Makwinski.

Life Saving Award – Patrolman Adam Sosnowski (second time), Patrolman Christopher Makwinski, Patrolman Matthew Meyler (second time), Patrolman Phillip Accatatta, Patrolman Kimberly Whitehill (second time), Patrolman Matthew Mattia (second time), Patrolman Matthew Porricelli (second time), Patrolman Jennie Rae Hensley (second time).