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WiseMind helps develop skills for changing times

WiseMind Center for Social and Emotional Learning is an exciting new business in Metuchen which is already having a positive impact on local families.

If you have never heard the acronym SEL (social emotional learning), you certainly will soon. SEL is about helping children develop a range of valuable skills they need for school and life. These tools will benefit students in the classroom, in the community, and in higher education and careers.

It is the goal of WiseMind to teach students to notice, label and manage their different emotions and physical states. This skill of “self-regulation” is at the heart of all of our offerings/classes, including mindfulness, social skills and executive functioning.

We are earnest about helping children build a higher awareness of themselves, of others, and of their experiences. These classes aim to slow down this vital time in children’s lives so they can build frameworks for mastery going forward.

Classes include lessons on the brain and how it works, group discussion, and fun activities or games that incorporate the skill/theme of the week. We model, practice and coach the children in the skills of each weekly focus, and we conclude with an experiential exercise such as a mindfulness meditation, or a wrap-up that gives them something to be mindful of throughout the week.

WiseMind also offers unique opportunities such as parent classes, workshops and outside events that allow children to practice the skills they have learned.

Check out classes at WiseMindSEL.com or call 732-689-5213 for more information.

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