Siblings presented with Scholar/Athlete/Artist awards


NORTH BRUNSWICK – The Sharma family had double the reason to celebrate during the Aug. 6 North Brunswick Township Council meeting.

Samarth and his sister Schayta were presented with the North Brunswick Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services Scholar/Athlete/Artist awards for August.

Samarth is a fifth grader at Livingston Park Elementary.

He is an active participant in the North Brunswick Township Science Symposium, where this year his team placed first in the creativity category for building an original air purifier using a moped air filter and a household battery, according to the proclamation read during the meeting.

Samarth is multi-linguistic, learning, reading, writing and speaking in Hindi. He travels to India every year.

Samarth plays the violin at school and plays piano. He participates in soccer, basketball, martial arts and is a member of the North Brunswick Rapids Swim Team. He plays travel soccer for the Blue Knights and is a member of the North Brunswick Township Municipal Alliance Get Up and Move Prevention Program.

During the 2017 Memorial Day 5K Walk/Run, Samarth was recognized for his strong will and spirit to participate and complete the event despite a foot injury, according to the statement.

Samarth also helps in his martial arts class during sessions for special needs children, plus he volunteers in a CG class (cross grade special needs class) by helping other children design computer games and websites, according to the statement.

He assists in the school library and is a member of the Earth Club where they create bags out of t-shirts to distribute to the community.

Schayta is a sixth grader at Linwood Middle School. She attended Livingston Park Elementary School and has achieved a straight-A average throughout her elementary years, according to the statement.

Schayta plays the flute and was a member of the Honors Band in Livingston Park Elementary School. She was one of five students who represented North Brunswick schools and performed with the Central Jersey Music Educators Association in April. Schayta, along with her chorus teammates, performed at the Memorial Day program at Veterans Park.

At the 2018 Memorial Day 5K Run/Walk, her team placed second for her age group. She is an active member of the North Brunswick Municipal Alliance Prevention Program. She also participated in the North Brunswick Township Science Symposium with exhibits on different science projects with her team. She participated in essay writing contests, the spelling bee and the Math Olympiad, according to the statement.

Schayta plays soccer and basketball. Her artwork was displayed in the North Brunswick Municipal Building. She participates in Bollywood dance performances and is multi-linguistic in Hindi.

Schayta also volunteers in a CG class, helping children with their daily activities, and assists in the school library. She raised money for her school by having a lemonade stand in her community. She is a member of the Earth Club, according to the statement.