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Lawrence Township school board approves new contract with principals, supervisors

Lawrence Township Public Schools principals, assistant principals, supervisors and the athletic director are in line to receive an annual salary increase of 2.9 percent under a contract approved by the Board of Education.

The new four-year contract between the board and the Lawrence Township Principals and Supervisors Association took effect July 1 and will expire on June 30, 2021. The association represents the principals of seven schools five assistant principals, eight supervisors and the district’s athletic director.

Lawrence High School Principal David Adam will be paid $158,069 in the first year of the contract. Lawrence Middle School Principal Mindy Milavksy will be paid $152,062 and Lawrence Intermediate School Principal Cynthia Westhead will be paid $135,190.

Lawrenceville Elementary School Principal Melissa Lockett will be paid $136,299 and Ben Franklin Elementary School Principal Jay Billy will be paid $161,645.

Eldridge Park School Principal Kathryn Robbins will be paid $155,918 and Slackwood Elementary School Principal Jeanne Muzi will be paid $113,000.

The three assistant principals at Lawrence High School, Alyson Fischer, Fay Lopez and Clifford Williams, will be paid $100,542, $97,298 and $121,022, respectively.

Lawrence Middle School Assistant Principal Louis Solomon will be paid $105,000 and Lawrence Intermediate School Assistant Principal Amy Amiet will be paid $97,298.

Athletic Director Gregg Zenerovitz will be paid $108,045.

The eight supervisors will be paid between $97,298 and $122,869, depending on the position.

The agreement also states that current members of the administrators’ union will receive 23 days of vacation. Individuals hired after July 1 will receive 17 days of vacation in the first year and one additional vacation day for each additional year they work in the district, up to a maximum of 20 vacation days.

Most of the 21 administrators work 12 months. Seven supervisors and three assistant principals work 10 months, but four of those 10 positions – the supervisor of guidance and three other administrators – will become 12-month employees.

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