Do planners in East Brunswick realize the effect of new development on Spotswood?


Here we go again. Another developer looking to take the money and run, disregarding the future problems the project will cause. I’m talking about the proposed development at the intersection of Old Stage and Summerhill roads in East Brunswick on the border of Spotswood.

How can the developer honestly say that this project will not increase traffic in an already congested area? What he needs to do is take off the blinders and drive through Spotswood during rush hour, when the schools are letting out, or on a weekend. You cannot convince people who go through this every day that there will not be an increase in traffic and traffic problems.

On another note, when will municipal planners realize that overcrowding people into housing doesn’t work? It stars out fine but as time goes on, the problems increase. Does the deciding factor in a project like this come down to money? After all, East Brunswick will be getting the money from taxes while Spotswood will be getting the headaches. Didn’t the planners of East Brunswick realize what this project would do to Spotswood? Or did they?

I. Cohen