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Newlyweds take wedding photos at East Brunswick Library

EAST BRUNSWICK – What began with a simple idea led newlyweds Mandy Szeto and Edward Chalker to take their wedding photos at the East Brunswick Library.

“It was really my idea because we were planning to be married next door at the municipal building. In case it rained, I wanted an indoor location to take photos. I worked at the library when I was younger and thought it would be a great location for us to get photos taken,” Szeto said.

Chalker said he has always loved books and enjoys libraries, and since Szeto worked at the library when she was younger, when she proposed the idea, he said yes.

Szeto grew up in East Brunswick since she was 6 months old, and married Chalker, from Mendham, on Aug. 8. About 10 days before their big day, Szeto said she reached out to the library to get permission to take their wedding photos at the library.

“When I first talked to someone at the library, they had to run it past the library director before letting me know, but when they reached back out [to] Chris Barnes, the marketing coordinator, he wrote back saying they would love to have us take our wedding photos at the library,” Szeto said.

“They were really excited about us taking photos. I was surprised to find out that we were the first to ask to take wedding photos. Chris was extremely helpful. We did a quick walk a week before around to see what areas we could use as a background,” she said.

“Once I got over my surprise at how busy the library was on a Wednesday afternoon it was really fun. The library staff was wonderful to work with and the book stacks provided a wonderful backdrop. Maybe we will do pictures there for our fifth year anniversary,” Chalker added.

The couple was impressed with how the library staff coordinated with their wedding photographer to create great spaces for their photos.

“I was thrilled that we were able to take pictures inside the library. It will be such a great memory,” Szeto said.

Chalker added, “I married the woman I love. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

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