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Walk N’ Workout continues at Cattus Island County Park for second year

TOMS RIVER – The Ocean County Department of Parks and Recreation is continuing a workout that was created for the community in 2017.

The Walk N’ Workout takes place at Cattus Island County Park, Cattus Island Boulevard.

“We are always trying figure out the programs the community can become involved with,” said Mary Bavais, assistant director of the parks and recreation department. “It is a tough thing to do a workout on your own. Our parks are free and our fees are reasonable.”

The second session of the Walk N’ Workout program will be held from Oct. 16 through Nov. 13. The third session will be held from Nov. 16 through Dec. 14. There is a fee of $40 paid to the instructor and $5 for registration. For more information, visit www.oceancountyparks.org.

The program is designed to help the department spark interest and get the community together. Bavais said the goal of the department is to provide recreational opportunities in health and wellness.

Bavais said she sees the program as a way for individuals to meet new people and continue in a quest for wellness. The workout program helps the department showcase one of the 27 parks in the county.

Linda Osowski is the Walk N’ Workout instructor. She has been working with the department for 14 years. Osowski said she decided last year that she wanted to start a Walk N’ Workout program.

Osowski said participants can bring weights to add some resistance to the walk. She said it is an easygoing workout that is fun. According to Osowski, the length of the walk is dependent on the day’s participants.

“I have people who are very active. It is a single file through the trails. There are six or seven trails we go through. The longest one is about 2.2 miles. If it rains, we (go inside). A long walk can take 70 minutes in our class,” Osowski said.

Osowski said she hopes participants see the class as a way to be happy and healthy. She said she has been working with seniors for more than 20 years. People of all ages may sign up for the workout.

“It is extremely important to keep the mind and body active,” Osowski said.

Toms River resident Clarice Recchia is one of the participants in the Walk N’ Workout program.

“It is just wonderful to get out of the house and get into the park. Cattus Island County Park is one of the best kept secrets in Toms River, I think. It is peaceful, quiet and serene. Linda knows her way around those trails,” Recchia said.

According to Recchia, she is not comfortable doing the trails by herself. She said having someone to do the trail with is fun and safe.

“It is just nicer to have a group. I am signed up for the second and third sessions as well this year,” Recchia said.

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