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Volunteers from UPS, United Way of Central Jersey beat the heat to clean up camp in Roosevelt Park

Edwin Almengor, left to right, Kevin Reilly, Wellesley Pikaart, Brent Rogers, Patrick Swaszek, Adam Pyryt, Ahmed Suad, Paul Falco, Trinity McGriff, Ornella Kouassi, Erica Rosenblatt and Tishonda Carson from UPS help clean the camp in Roosevelt Park in Edison on Sept. 6.

EDISON – Volunteers from UPS helped chip paint, whack weeds, mow grass, clean windows, mop floors and wipe down mattresses at the camp in Roosevelt Park in Edison, despite temperatures above 90 degrees.

“While it was tough, we all know there are people who have life a lot tougher. We owed it to the people who rely on us to be there and do what’s needed,” Adam Pyryt, UPS senior account manager, said in a prepared statement about the 12 volunteers from UPS, plus William Dennison of the United Way of Central Jersey, volunteering from 8:30 a.m. to noon on Sept. 6.

“They are some of the best volunteers we work with,” said Gloria Aftanski, president of United Way of Central Jersey. UPS and United Way partner together across the country.

“Volunteer work is not always easy, [so] if you say you are going to do something you have to live up to that commitment,” Dennison said. “These guys were great and should get the recognition.”

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