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Bordentown City officials address lead issue in water system

Bordentown City residents have been encouraged to test the water that they use daily – a measure that city officials hope will combat the concerns of lead in the water.

According to Bordentown City Commissioner Joe Myers, some residents in the area have already taken more proactive measures to address the ongoing issue.

“We have continued to accept requests from the city and township residents for free water testing and highly encourage the residents to contact city hall for more information. To date, we have over 74 residents participating in the voluntary water testing offered by the city,” said Myers.

Myers went on to explain on how the lead can be discovered and its presence resolved.

“Furthermore, we are working with homeowners who have encountered a lead exceedance in the undertaking of additional testing at the water meter located in the home.  It is our belief that this additional testing will aid in determining the source of the lead in the water, and if the problem lies within the internal plumbing of the home.”

Multiple incidents of degraded water quality in Burlington County have been reported in recent weeks. City officials have announced that double and triple the EPA standard for lead  have been discovered in water and homes in Bordentown.

Myers announced that the city will address this concern with public forums, a measure that will begin on Oct. 15 at Carslake Community Center at 7 p.m.

“Over the next few months, the city will continue to host public forums to educate residents through public meetings, distribution of informational flyers and continued updating of information on the city’s website,” Myers said. “We are currently working with the Environmental Commissions of both the city and township to host a joint public meeting to support our efforts to educate the public.”

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