Running an Ibogaine Clinic in Mexico

Running an Ibogaine Clinic in Mexico

The United States is currently in the midst of an opioid epidemic. With overdose now listed as the leading cause of death in people under the age of 35, more people are entering addiction therapy than at any point in America’s history.
Traditional treatment centres implement a detox strategy that uses dangerous drugs such as Suboxone and methadone to help addicts recover from their disease. However, conventional, natural treatments for addiction exit that present fewer side-effects than clinical medications.
Ibogaine therapy is an example of such treatment options. However, the substance has a ban under U.S Federal law. What is ibogaine and how does it differ from drug therapy?

Ibogaine Explained

Ibogaine is a plant-based, psychoactive indole alkaloid. The compound extract comes from the iboga plant, native to Africa. Ibogaine is found in significant concentration in the root bark of Tabernanthe iboga and distilled into a solution.
Communities in the Congo basin use ibogaine in ritualistic tribal ceremonial applications. African traditional medicine implores the use of ibogaine for spiritual awareness and understanding of the spirit realm. Studies into the compound show that it has a tremendous effect in reliving the body of addiction to stimulants and opiates.
Commercial manufacture of the compound occurred in 1962, Howard Lotsof discovered its anti-addiction properties when treating his heroin addiction. The CIA conducted studies on the substance in the early 1950’s.

Why Ibogaine Treatment is Illegal in the United States

Federal law bans the use of ibogaine in America, which is strange since the compound has next to no recreational use. The substance is a schedule 1 substance under U.S law, and its use is forbidden, with offenders receiving jail time for its use.
The World Health Assembly classifies ibogaine as a drug that can cause dependence and endangers health. Moreover, the FDA does not recognise its use in the treatment of addiction. However, while the U.S ban ibogaine use, other countries such as Canada and Mexico have no such restrictions on the use of the compound.

Ibogaine Clinics in Mexico

Many addiction treatment centres in Mexico recognise the value of ibogaine therapy in the treatment of opiate, stimulant, and opioid addicts, returning them to functional members of society.
Addicts that want to free themselves from addiction may visit Experience Ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico, without the fear of harassment from authorities in the United States. Most of the treatment centres in Mexico are not what you would expect to find in a traditional therapy location. They feature plush residences that have modern conveniences and tranquil settings.
Many American addiction counsellors find it easy to set up treatment centres in Mexico, allowing them to flourish and conduct ibogaine therapy sessions.

Wrapping Up – Ibogaine Could Change Your Life

If you or a loved one are experiencing trouble with kicking an opioid habit, it may be a wise decision to visit a treatment centre in Mexico and give ibogaine therapy a try. The success rate of curing addiction with ibogaine is outstanding, with hundreds of addicts swearing by the treatment.

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