Littlebrook resident opposes plan to move school admin offices to the Thanet property


To the editor:

As a resident of the Littlebrook neighborhood, it has come to my attention via the newspapers and word of mouth that the school board is proposing to move their administrative offices, as well as buses to the Thanet property off of Terhune Road.

I would like to make the following points with regards to this issue:

The school system/town should first provide all interested parties in the area of their plans in detail. To find out about a plan that will impact daily life in a neighborhood via the newspapers in entirely unacceptable and possibly illegal if it affects air quality, noise levels, etc. in an area that is not zoned for their proposed use at least with regards to buses.

Second, the board of education should provide an assessment of the collective impact of this poorly defined proposal on the neighborhood. Specifically the impact of the personnel, the buses, etc. on daily traffic patterns and environment. Will buses be going in and out all day? How many buses for example.

Third, the board should understand that this move is not to some industrialized zone but rather to a neighborhood with children who walk to school, people who walk outside and that the effect of their proposals is far ranging on both traffic, air quality, noise.

Finally, is there any coordination with the proposed Sunrise development on the corner of Harrison and Terhune? How about the collective impact of both? Has there been any discussion between the zoning and education board. It seems unreasonable to proceed with either plan until the effects of both can be assessed fully on the area as well as on each other.

In conclusion, the outcome of this proposal depends on the referendum. We in the Littlebrook neighborhood are voters. Given the high handed way this proposal has been put forward without any clear direction and forethought, many will vote no on this issue.

Regina Alivisatos