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Sayreville Police Department begins transition period by hiring new officers

SAYREVILLE – Three new officers have joined the Sayreville Police Department.

Richard Klein, Joseph Jarock and Shane Zuczek were officially sworn into the department by Borough Clerk Theresa Farbaniec at a Borough Council meeting on Sept. 11.

“I think it’s probably appropriate that we’re bringing three of new officers today on the 17th anniversary of Sept. 11,” Sayreville Police Chief John Zebrowski said. “That was one of our most horrific days and a tragedy that we want to keep close to our heart forever for the losses that we had in our town, as well as for the losses of so many people in that area at the time.

“Many of our officers, including myself, had the opportunity to go to the site several days after to help. In all honesty, our help paled in comparison to a lot of the efforts that many of our first responders gave throughout that time period. But it was still an honor to be among those to do that. And that brings me to the fact that we’re bringing three new officers today because many of those officers with myself are starting the retirement period.

“They’re starting to move on now and enjoying that retirement after serving our borough so well,” Zebrowski continued. “So you’re going to see me a little bit more often introducing our new officers because we’re transitioning. We’re going from a department that’s had a lot of senior officers to one that’s much more junior. But I can tell you they’re very well prepared to begin their new careers and we should be especially proud of all their efforts and all the work to get here today.”

Following the conclusion of the police chief’s speech, Klein, Jarock and Zuczek were each called up individually to be sworn in and begin their service.

“Gentlemen, welcome to Sayreville, and we’re with you, we’re behind you and we expect great things from you,” Mayor Kennedy O’Brien said. “Thank you for choosing Sayreville for your career.”

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