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Howell resident supports Democrats for council

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

Regarding the candidates running for the Howell Township Council, it is my opinion that John Bonevich, Kristal Dias and Paul Dorato be elected.

Without council or manager authorization or permission, the Howell council person running again for re-election went to the senior center to offer them a gym and a relocation to the Howell municipal building. Leave the senior center alone!

Regarding a May 16, 2017 letter sent to the solid waste coordinator regarding the proposed solid waste transfer station that may be built along Randolph Road in Howell, note, the letter from the manager states that Howell has no objection to the project.

It is my opinion that if it is built, 400 trucks a day in and out of it would destroy the lives and safety of the residents and the environment in that area.

Mayor Theresa Berger is opposed to the solid waste transfer station.

Attorneys were hired for the council with regard to a decision on a proposed housing development in Howell. It is time to make a clean sweep. Elect Democrats Bonevich, Dias and Dorato to the Howell Township Council.

Barbara Dixel

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