Becker, Reiss and Shaw – Proven leadership for strong, safe schools

I urge East Brunswick voters to return Vicki Becker, Barbara Reiss and Meredith Shaw to our Board of Education on Nov. 6.

Of all the candidates this year, only Vicki, Barbara and Meredith have a proven record of achievements. Each of them supports public education that serves the needs of all our kids. Under their leadership, the district has enhanced security, capturing positive international attention, managed budgets, even in the face of increasing costs, and made sure that our facilities and programs foster educational excellence while generating additional revenue to relieve our tax burden. And this year, they joined in approving a superintendent goal of healthier start times for all students.

Vicki, Barbara and Meredith are the only candidates this year who are not motivated by either political aspirations or by single issues – they are dedicated advocates for quality public education in East Brunswick for all our kids.

Vicki Becker, Barbara Reiss and Meredith Shaw are committed to the best for our kids while keeping check on our taxpaying community. This year, I am voting for Vicki Becker, Barbara Reiss and Meredith Shaw, Column N, lines 1, 2 and 3. I hope you will, too.

Marcia Frost

East Brunswick