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Halloween Egg Hunt kicks off fall holiday festivities

RED BANK – Halloween –and Easter– came early this year as youngsters in Red Bank bundled up to navigate Count Basie Fields in the search of black and orange goodies.

On Oct. 18, dozens of Red Bank children adorned in costume and down jackets took part in the Halloween Egg Hunt that is held each year in celebration of the fall holiday.

A popular Easter pastime, Recreation Director Charlie Hoffman said that holding  an egg hunt in the middle of October is a play off of the immense success the annual Easter Egg Hunt oversees in the springtime.

“The kids get a real kick out of it,” Hoffman said. “It’s just a cool Halloween recreational event. This is such a fun holiday.”

More than 3,000 black and orange eggs, Hoffman said, were scattered around the property. Hoffman said the annual easter egg hunt, which he said is significantly larger in scale, oversees the distribution and collection of more than 11,000 eggs.

This year’s event was sponsored by the Red Bank Business Alliance, Hoffman said.

As the sun set and the moon rose, children who attended the event raced around the dimly lit soccer field in the hopes they would claim the greatest quantity of Halloween treats.

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