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Middletown native trains to become future Navy supply officer


Ensign Timothy Zero applied the lessons learned from living in Middletown to help in developing the skills to become a naval supply officer.

“I come from a blue-collar town where hard work is a way of life,” Zero said. “In my town, everyone is friendly and willing to help, especially when Hurricane Sandy hit my area.”

Those lessons turned into an opportunity to learn leadership and the most innovative tactics of naval supply in the world at Navy Supply Corps School (NSCS), located in Newport, Rhode Island.

“I wanted to be part of a team that shares the same interests as me, while gaining knowledge that can benefit me both in and outside of the military,” he said.

Zero is a 2018 University of Scranton graduate.

Considered to be one of the Navy’s greatest assets, the supply officers must first train and be mentored at supply school.

Prior to any type of extraordinary achievement, the students must first pass a rigorous course structure in order to become a Navy supply officer. Once these service members finish training, they are deployed around the world putting their skill set to work.

There are many sacrifices and goals one must achieve to be selected as a supply officer. Zero is most proud of being accepted into the supply community and beginning supply school.

“I want to be the best officer I can to my sailors and those around me,” he said.

Zero is continuing a family tradition of military service.

“I had both grandpas serve in the Navy, and it means a lot to be able to serve in the same Navy they both served many years in,” he said.

As Zero and other officers continue to train, they take pride in what it means to serve their country in the United States Navy.

“It gives me a chance to be more than the average citizen I felt like I was,” he said. “I was always average in school, but the Navy gave me the opportunity to get a sense of accomplishment and a way to carry on my family legacy.”

This article was submitted by Alvin Plexico of the U.S. Navy Office of Community Outreach. 

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