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Newcomers to join school boards in North Brunswick and South Brunswick


The boards of education in North Brunswick and South Brunswick will see new faces come January.

Four candidates sought the three available seats on the North Brunswick Board of Education on Election Day, Nov. 6.

The terms of Anthony Brooks, Ingrid Dillon and Gloria Gonzalez were up. Dillon did not seek re-relection. Brooks (3,707 votes) and Gonzalez (4,283) retained their seats. Former board member David Brockman (5,421 votes) was returned to the board by voters. Challenger Eman Arafa (2,835 votes) did not secure a seat this time around.

In South Brunswick, five residents sought the three three-year terms on the South Brunswick Board of Education.

Incumbents Barry Nathanson (6,984 votes) and Stephen Parker (4,325 votes) were re-elected; Peter St. Vincent did not seek re-election. Former board member Lisa Rodgers (6,438 votes) was returned to her seat by voters. Magesh Kamalakannan (3,941 votes) and Mike Mitchell (3,575 votes) did not secure seats this time around.

”I want to thank the people who supported and voted for me,” Nathanson said. “I will continue to work to put the kids first in South Brunswick and to work for everyone, including those who did not vote for me. And, working with [Superintendent] Mr. [Scott] Feder and the administration, to identify the best ways to support our non-college bound students while still promoting high level learning for all will remain a challenge I will ask to BOE to take on.”

Rodgers said over the next three years, she will focus on ensuring every student is actively engaged and challenged in the classroom by teachers who are given the proper tools and environment to teach.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who voted for me for the school board on Nov. 6, 2018. I appreciate your confidence in me to do what’s in the best interest of kids and to continue to move our district forward,” she said.

“I especially want to thank my family and friends for their guidance and support, as well as the many individuals and organizations who endorsed me. Thank you as well to South Brunswick Cares About Schools, for managing the Candidates Night so that residents could hear directly from all candidates. Finally, I wish to extend congratulations to Dr. Stephen Parker and Barry Nathanson, and a thank you to Mike Mitchell and Magesh Kamalakannan for seeking a position on the Board of Education. You have given the community a choice and the race was better because you ran.

“I am thrilled that our district has initiated a Hope and Dreams for Equity goal as I truly believe that ‘Every Child Counts.’ Thank you again for having faith in me. I will not let you down.”

The other candidates did not return request for comment by press time.


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