Businessman plans to open motorcycle clothing shop in Freehold Borough


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FREEHOLD – A business that sells motorcycle clothing and apparel is moving toward becoming operational in Freehold Borough.

Anthony Chick, the owner of the Asbury Park Moto Club, is seeking to move his business from Asbury Park to 57 Throckmorton St. in the borough. Chick sought approval from municipal officials to sell motorcycle clothing and motorcycle parts, and to offer limited motorcycle repairs.

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Because the property is in the Freehold Center Core Redevelopment Zone, Chick appeared before the Borough Council on Nov. 5 to request that the business be found compliant with the Core Redevelopment Plan.

Applications for projects in the Core Redevelopment Zone must be brought before the council so that members of the governing body may determine if the application is compliant with the Core Redevelopment Plan.

If the application is found to be compliant with the plan, the council approves the application and it is then brought before the code/construction official and, if necessary, the Historic Preservation Commission and/or Planning Board.

Chick testified that his business, which has operated in Asbury Park for two years, is primarily retail-driven and sells motorcycle parts, lifestyle clothing, apparel and accessories. Of the products sold, he said approximately 70 percent is clothing and apparel.

“The majority of the business is retail,” Chick said. “I am a certified mechanic and repairs are offered to legitimize my brand.”

In describing the repairs, Chick said he found repairing a motorcycle to be more comparable to repairing a bicycle than a car. He testified that tire, handlebar and other external repairs on a motorcycle would take place at the business, while engine repairs would take place at his house in Jackson.

“There will be no oil contaminant,” he said. “I will remove the machine off the premises and to my house if I am asked by a customer to repair the engine.”

Chick said the business would be open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. He said any spare parts that might accumulate would be taken to his house.

While the sale of clothing and other apparel is allowed in the Freehold Center Core Redevelopment Zone, Borough Attorney Kerry Higgins said the sale of tires and automotive parts are prohibited in the zone, as are auto body repairs and engine work.

Council members determined that not all of the proposed uses were compliant with the zone’s plan. They unanimously authorized Chick to sell what is currently permitted in the zone, limiting the retail use to the sale of motorcycle clothing and other apparel.

Chick agreed to proceed with the stipulations imposed by the council.

Officials did not rule out the possibility of allowing Chick to have all of his proposed uses in the future. To do so, the council would have to adopt an ordinance amending the Core Redevelopment Plan to permit the business’ other proposed uses (i.e., the sale of motorcycle parts and motorcycle repairs).

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