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Toms River Township Council adopts bond ordinances for local improvements

The Toms River Township Council has adopted two bond ordinances that will allow municipal officials to undertake capital improvements and replace equipment and vehicles.

During a meeting on Nov. 13 at the municipal building, council members voted unanimously to move forward with a $1.8 million bond ordinance for capital improvements and a $1.8 million bond ordinance for the purchase and replacement of various equipment and vehicles.

Council members said the bond ordinance for capital improvements will provide upgraded heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units for Bea Lea Golf Course, natural gas HVAC upgrades for golf course utility buildings, improvement to the girls softball parking lot at the Veterans Recreation Complex, design costs for dispatch room renovations, a police department parking lot expansion, renovations to the Toms River Police Department squad and training rooms, acquiring computer equipment and improving the Winding River Ice Rink locker rooms.

Council members said the bond ordinance for the purchase and replacement of equipment and vehicles will help the township acquire a van for the police department, a vehicle for the Parks and Recreation Department’s ambulance replacement program, two Mason dump trucks for the Public Buildings and Grounds Department, an asphalt roller, street sweeper, a single-axle dump truck and heavy duty trucks for the Public Works Department, Up-Fit (safety features) equipment for replacement vehicles, one Toro Ball-field groomer (sand groomer), two Automated License Plate Recognition systems, two speed and message boards, and two mowers.

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