Fight Involving Atlantic City Councilman Impacts Casino Visitors

Fight Involving Atlantic City Councilman Impacts Casino Visitors

Who would have thought that visiting popular land-based casinos could land authority figures in hot water all splashed out in the media? We could say that casinos are the hub of entertainment, but nobody thought the entertainment would involve a horrific level of aggression which undoubtedly impacted the positive thoughts of casino visitors.
What occurred in recent events just outside the Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City had the internet shaken. As it turns out, a video was released to the news (NBC10) by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office on the 11th of November 2018. It involved Frank Gilliam, Atlantic City Mayor and Councilman, Jeffree Fauntleroy II, in the middle of an altercation with unidentified persons physically assaulting one another. Viewers can clearly see Frank Gilliam throwing several forceful punches and Jeffree Fauntleroy picking up and driving an unknown man through the air who then crashed to the ground of a parking lot with massive force. Although it isn’t clear what prompted the men to begin a battle of fists, followers are expecting an apology and a brief explanation. The footage is exceptionally vivid and has been disturbing for the state of New Jersey.
The video launched an investigation into the conduct of the two parties involved, however no charges are being made despite the citizens’ complaints. Further to this, the two public figures are scheduled to appear in the Municipal Court on December 11th to face what would appear to be a sheepish situation rather left forgotten following the complaints filed by the three men involved in the altercation. It would appear that the three men who filed the citizen’s complaint are employees of a popular nightclub in the casino, not boding well for the image of the casino, the staff or the market the club wants to attract.
The Negative Impact on the Casino Market
Following the recent events of what occurred outside the Golden Nugget Casino, people have been wondering how this will impact the casino as well as the casino visitors. Considering how intense the situation was, we can only imagine the negative effect such a situation would have on a renowned casino.
Although the casino is gaining publicity, the exposure isn’t one of a good nature. In fact, the entire ordeal has taken its toll on both the night club and the visitors of the Golden Nugget Casino. Leading up to the event, one could imagine the shouting and screaming involved which has a negative impact on casino goers as players looking for entertainment of a good nature.
The casino is sure to take a knock even though the events that unfolded during the early hours of that morning didn’t take place within the casino. Security is bound to bulk up and thanks to the camera footage recording the ordeal take place, visitors can at least rest assured that everything happening on the streets outside the casino is being recorded for their safety, so there is some relief for casino goers concerned about the safety of frequenting such establishments.
A Safer Solution
In order to avoid situations as the above mentioned, people would need to steer clear of entertainment industries such as land based casinos, night clubs and really anything open after 12 am selling liquor. They say nothing good happens after 12 and judging from the video footage accessible online, one can wholeheartedly agree.
A safer solution for the avid gambler is online gambling. Online casinos are safer in the sense that players can access all their favourite casino games from the safety and security of their own homes or private chambers. The majority of legal and fully licensed casinos offer sports betting, table games and live casino games which actually provides a platform for players to interact with their online dealers, giving the same kind of experience players seek from land based establishments.
Online Security
Online casinos also use SSL encryption technology which assures online casino players their credentials and sensitive information remains safe and away from prying eyes or nefarious third party activity.
For a safer and more secure experience, one with all the bells and whistles offered at land based casino establishments, try a trusted online casino in NJ and avoid getting publicly humiliated as all parties involved are sure to be, come the court hearing.