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Move to create deputy chief’s post anticipates police chief’s retirement

MARLBORO – The Township Council is creating the position of deputy chief in the Marlboro Police Department. With Police Chief Bruce Hall expected to retire in September 2019, municipal officials are establishing a line of succession.

Marlboro mandates that a sworn police officer must retire when he or she reaches the age of 65. Hall has served as police chief since 2009.

During a meeting on Nov. 29, council members introduced an ordinance establishing the position of deputy chief. A second reading and public hearing for the ordinance will be held on Dec. 18. The council may adopt the ordinance that evening.

In a letter dated Nov. 21, Hall wrote to Business Administrator Jonathan Capp and said, “My mandated retirement date is now less than 10 months away. It is highly recommended as a best practice to have a clearly identified succession plan in place with no less than a six-month lead time prior to the actual retirement date of the chief of police.

“This allows for a seamless transition of authority and responsibilities. The lead time also allows for the introduction of the new agency executives to the leadership of municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement departments with whom they will be interacting to further the interests of township and police division and to meet our statuary obligations.

“For an agency of our size and current structure, it would be advisable to include the position of deputy police chief in a revised table of organization to assist in the transition.” Hall wrote.

According to Capp, Marlboro officials will apply to the New Jersey Civil Service Commission to hold an exam for the deputy chief and chief positions. The officers deemed eligible will be contacted to take the exam. The results will be returned to the township in the form of a list and officials must appoint an officer from the top three on the results.

The Marlboro Police Department currently has five lieutenants and two captains. The lieutenants are Allan Bilinski, Steve Levy, Christine McKenna, Bryan O’Hare and Joe Tomazic. The captains are Peter Pezzullo and Fred Reck.

In other business, it was announced that the council’s reorganization meeting for 2019 will be held at 7 p.m. Jan. 3 at Town Hall, 1979 Township Drive. Mayor Jonathan Hornik and council members will announce appointments to municipal boards and commissions that evening, as the council begins its new year.

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