Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office issues warning about phone scam


The Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office is advising residents to be aware of a continuing phone scam that is targeting the area.

In the most recent scam calls, the caller, sometimes via voice message, uses the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office information and identifies himself/herself as an employee with the agency, according to information provided by the office.

The caller claims the resident has an outstanding federal warrant for non-appearance for jury duty and demands immediate payment using a prepaid credit card. The caller requests the prepaid credit card information over the phone and arranges to meet the resident at the Sheriff’s Office and provides the physical address of 701 Livingston Ave., New Brunswick.

The Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office will never solicit methods of payment and/or personal identifiers over the phone, according to the statement. Residents should never give their personal or financial information over the phone and should not agree to meet anyone to provide prepaid credit card information.