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One woman’s passion for bodies of water turn into an art exhibit

TOMS RIVER- For Marissa Schaeffer, photography is still a passion –even when life has made it more of a hobby.

During the entire month of January, Schaeffer will showcase her first solo photography exhibit in the Ocean County Library at the McConnell Gallery on 101 Washington St.

“With this being my first solo piece I am very excited. I have been wanting to show my work to more than my friends and family. It will be great to see everyone’s reactions to my work. I am just trying to get back into photography,” Schaeffer said.

Her exhibit is called ‘Water Elements’.

“Growing up I was always outside. I live by the ocean and the water is something I have been drawn to,” Schaeffer said.

Schaeffe. who is from Lacey Township, attended Lacey Township High School and then went on to Montclair State University. Schaeffer has been teaching art at Holly Glen Elementary School in Williamstown, which is in Gloucester County

“I started photography as a freshman at Lacey Township high school. Then my concentration at Montclair State was photography and art education. I have always done photography with a small cute camera. Now I have only been able to do it as a hobby on the side,” Schaeffer said.

Her last exhibit was a group photography exhibit in 2015.

“My focus has been teaching and to put my art work up now, I just want everyone to enjoy what I do. I have posted my photos before online and people have complimented me on the shots. I am just happy that I can finally get to do something I have not been able to do in a long time. I have not had artwork up since college and it was a group exhibit. I have not done an exhibit for just my pieces yet. So I am just excited for the opportunity,” Schaeffer said.

She said she is still picking her photo pieces for the exhibit.

“I have been going through them. I will have recent photos that I have taken and some from the past as a part of the exhibit. I have not decided yet on all of the pieces that will be shown throughout January,” Schaeffer said.

She said she hopes people takeaway a different point of view from her photos in the exhibit.

“People always say I look at things differently with my photos. People have identified with photos as a capture of beauty. People are able to get a different point of view. I like when people get to look at my photography from a different point of view,” Schaeffer said.

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