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Letter to the Editor: We write letters that report facts, not rants

For all those Hopewell Township Kuchinski-Blake administration political cronies, who are tired of the fact-based letters to the editor that I and my truth-loving colleagues have submitted and were published, I have a message for you.

We will not be deterred by your name-calling, nor by your personal attacks, nor by your attempts to hide information from the public, nor by your partisan half-truths, distortions, misrepresentations and out-right lies.

We aspire to a higher calling:  to report provable facts to the public in order to be the factual counter-weight to Kuchinski-Blake propaganda.

To understand, one need only go to the Have Your Say Hopewell section of the Township Website regarding “Questions and Answers on Affordable Housing and PILOTS” and click on the “answers to questions” to read a 10-page highly-biased presentation of FAQs.  You didn’t think that the Kuchinski-Blake administration and their supporters were going to admit that their over-development plan sold out the township and the schools to greedy developers, did you?

The point is that the Kuchinski-Blake administration and their rubber-stamp majority have a township website, and a newly-created newsletter, with which to promote themselves and their propaganda.

I, and other like-minded residents who value truth, am grateful for a free press, to which we send letters to the editor in an effort to shine the light of truth into the public domain.

Harvey Lester

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