Hightstown Borough Council to fill two vacancies

In the wake of the resignation of two of its six members last month, the Hightstown Borough Council will select two new members at the Jan. 22 meeting.

Hightstown Borough Councilwoman Denise “Denny” Hansen resigned for personal reasons, while Hightstown Borough Councilman Connor Montferrat stepped down because he is moving out of town.

Hansen, who is a Democrat, served from 2014 to 2018. She was in the second year of her second, three-year term.

Montferrat, who is a Republican, served from 2015 to 2018. He was in the first year of his second, three-year term.

Under law, the Democratic and Republican parties will each put forward three candidates for the vacant seats – three nominees for Hansen’s seat and three nominees for Montferrat’s seat, Hightstown Borough Administrator Debra Sopronyi said.

Then, at the Jan. 22 meeting, Mayor Lawrence Quattrone and the Hightstown Borough Council will interview the six candidates in public, Sopronyi said. They will go into closed session to discuss the candidates and make a selection.

Mayor Quattrone and the Borough Council will come out of closed session and announce their decision. Mayor Quattrone will administer the oath of office to the new members, who will join the rest of Borough Council on the dais.

The Democratic Party nominee chosen to succeed Hansen will serve the remainder of Hansen’s term, which expires in December 2019.

The Republican Party nominee chosen to succeed Montferrat will serve until the November 2019 general election. The winner in the November 2019 general election will fill out the rest of Montferrat’s term, which ends in December 2020.

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