Spotswood swears in new Borough Council members


SPOTSWOOD–Raising their right hands to recite their oaths of office, Larry Kraemer, Charlie Spicuzzo and Ted Ricci were sworn in as new members of the governing body in Spotswood.

The swearing-in ceremony took place during the borough’s annual reorganization meeting on Jan. 7 at the municipal building.

“Congrats to [Kraemer and Spicuzzo] I look forward to working with you and … hopefully the next four years will be just as much fun,” Ricci said.

Each member of the council was sworn in by Borough Clerk Patricia DeStefano.

“[Ricci] you have been here before, you are no stranger, you know where we are headed and you know where we are trying to get,” Mayor Ed Seely said. “You’re a good man [and] you have done a good job for the past four years and I know you will do a better good the next four.”

With an unanimous vote, members of the council voted to approve Spicuzzo as the new council president.

Spicuzzo said, “I just would like to thank everybody as well. I’d like to thank my fellow council members for giving me the privilege to sit in the president’s chair for the year. I look forward to working you [all].”

He previously served on the council in from 2008-12.

“I could talk about Spicuzzo for weeks, I gotta love this guy. I am glad to be welcoming him back, I am glad he is back on the council and am glad to see that you were appointed council president,” Seely said. “Someday I am more than sure it’s going to be higher because I believe that you are a good man and you are all about this town.”

DeStefano presented Spicuzzo with the borough’s gavel and block after being voted as council president.

Kraemer said,” I would like to say thank you to all the people out there that voted for me, giving me a chance to become part of this group and I hope that we can do great things together.”

“[Kraemer] you are a new guy, welcome aboard [and I] can’t wait to work with you. I have known you for some years now, I know you are a man of your word and a good man,” Seely said. “I am sure you will come to the table with a lot of different ideas [and] I can’t wait to hear some of them I’m sure, maybe some of them not [but] that is the greatest thing about politics we will try and we are going to work together as a good team.”

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