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Winter Beach Blast returns to the Ocean County Mall

TOMS RIVER-A beach breeze will flow into the Ocean County Mall this week.

The annual Winter Beach Blast will be held on Jan. 19 when the center court in the mall with be transformed into a tropical event.

Residents and families will have an opportunity to participate in games, crafts, hula hoop and dancing.

“After the holidays, we hear we are ready for summer a lot. That was part of our reason for having this event. It is always great to get families together as well. In the middle of January there are not always things to do. We have this event inside with a beach and tropical theme,” said, the Assistant Director of Ocean County Parks and Recreation, Mary Bavais.

Bavais said residents and guests will also be able to participate in twister and limbo.

“We even do just a parent twister. It gets really fun and competitive. One of the crafts we do as well is making tropical necklaces,” Bavais said.

She said the event always is jam packed with people.

“This is one of our more successful programs. We get a great response from the community. This event gives you a little bit of summer in the middle of winter,” Bavais said.

Bavais said she wants people to takeaway from the event the enjoyment of being with family and friends.

“We want them to leave the event feeling good. People will hopefully have an enjoyable experience and have a good time,” Bavais said.

To prepare for The Winter Beach Blast, the event officials must work for   about six months.

“It is always here before you know it, haha,” Bavais said.

The event will start at 1 p.m. Music and dancing will be provided by the radio station WOBM. Buster from the Lakewood BlueClaws will also be joining in on the multitude of games happening during the event.

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