5 Smart Ways in Buying Chocolates

For chocolate lovers, waking up to a piece of their favorite brand on their bedside table is a dream come true. In fact, the mere look of it is intriguing enough to the taste buds. But how often do you take time to appreciate the process of candy selection? Well, it might seem as simple as entering a store, picking one and paying for it, but once you find yourself in that purchasing position, you will realize how frustrating it can be. Frustrating not because there aren’t enough chocolates out there, but because there are various varieties to choose from. So if you’re planning on gifting your partner one this Valentine’s day, then it’s time you learn a few smart tricks here to help you pick the best.,

1. Don’t Just Settle For Dark, Dare To Choose Darker

If the famous quote, “black is beautiful”, is true, then for chocolate, go for “the darker the better”. Actually, according to recent findings, darker ones contain a higher percentage of cocoa, which is packed with several health benefits. However, this is a great option for individuals who prefer less sugar.,

2. Is It Handcrafted?

There are various independent chocolatiers popping up at various joints. And unlike the common assumptions that hand-made things aren’t that good, some of them produce quality products at favorable prices and that’s to meet international standards. So you might consider going this route if you want something unique.,

3. What’s In The Ingredient List?

Just because you’ve been eating candy bars all your life, don’t get too comfortable and start forgetting to check the list of ingredients from time to time. This is more important, especially if you’re buying for a vegan. According to Santa Barbara Chocolate, one of the most trusted vegan chocolate manufacturer, being a vegan isn’t about punishing oneself. Therefore, they too have the right to enjoy the best treats. Don’t settle for less.,

4. It’s All In The Smell

A bar of quality candy should smell like one from the word go. You should be able to digest the aroma even before you get one off of the counters. So if your piece smells like something else, then know it won’t taste that great either. So when buying a chocolate, learn to “eat” with your nose first.,

5. Melt It Away

, Lastly, the only way of finding out if a piece of dessert is good enough is by testing it. Put a small piece into your mouth and concentrate on feeling how it melts. Is it dense? Perhaps slippery? Smooth/sandy? A quality one should generally be smooth and give a velvet mouthfeel. If it isn’t anything close to this, leave it. It’s that simple.

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