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Enrollment open at Educators Society for Heritage of India

Educators Society for Heritage of India (ESHA) has received the federal STARTalk Grant administered by the National Foreign Language Center to teach Hindi and India’s culture for three weeks in summer.

This is the 10th year of this highly successful program.

Students participating in small groups will learn to read, write and speak Hindi through cultural immersion with interactive instructions, music, dance, yoga,
arts and crafts, sports, and computer applications.

Registration is open to students, ages 8-14, irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity or national origin. Eighty students will be accepted.

There are 16 staff members. We also take high school and college students as teacher assistants (paid $500) if they are proficient in Hindi language or computer technology, sports, Indian dances, photography/audio/video (and have a good video camera).



There is no tuition fee. Pay only $25 for the application fee an $200 Registration registration fee.


The last day to submit an application is Feb. 28. Apply today, because seats get filled fast and the Application Portal may be closed before Feb. 28 if all seats are filled. Visit www.ESHAusa.org for details.


For more information, call 732-331-5636 or email bngupta@gmail.com, or call 732-491-3286 or email harshrenu@gmail.com.



ESHA is located at 71 Nolan Road, Morganville.

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