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Police in Edison, Metuchen investigating anonymous bomb threats at TD Bank branches



Police in Edison and Metuchen are continuing to investigate the source of phoned in bomb threats from anonymous callers at two TD bank branches in Edison and the TD branch in Metuchen.

The calls were made between noon and 12:15 p.m. on Feb. 16, according to Edison Police Lt. Robert Dudash.

Staff at each bank quickly evacuated its employees and customers, and notified their respective police departments, according to reports.

Edison police officers responded to the TD Bank branches at 1906 Route 27 and 2064 Oak Tree Road. Metuchen police responded to the TD Bank branch at 70 Middlesex Ave.

Edison firefighters and EMTs were on-scene as a precaution at both banks while police officers methodically swept each branch for unattended packages or suspicious items, Dudash said.

“Thankfully, no cause for concern was found at either (bank) branch,” Dudash said.

Metuchen police said there was nothing additional to report than what was initially released.

Detectives from the Edison and Metuchen police departments are investigating the source of the anonymous threats.

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