Reader: OBMUA chairman lacks professionalism

Typing Letter to the Editor for the Opinion page.

All those in attendance at the Old Bridge Municipal Utilities Authority reorganization meeting on Feb. 6 got to witness firsthand the disgraceful, ineptness of their newly elected chair, John E. Murphy III.

It is not only bad enough that Murphy is a prior employee of the authority, and he has a son and a brother presently employed there, but his conduct was deplorable, and his behavior is sophomoric and devoid of any professionalism.

Murphy is a conflicted commissioner and should not be allowed to vote on employee contracts, nor be involved with employee negotiations, nor vote on the budget. The entire reorganization process raises questions, as he was nominated by Commissioner Richard Greene, who also has a son employed at the MUA. Greene is also a conflicted member and should also refrain from voting on employee contracts and the budget.

Observing the way Murphy comports himself, it is obvious he does not have the capability to oversee a meeting. Simply put, he lacks the basic skill to follow the agenda, yet childishly screamed out he deserves to be the chair. Does he think his conduct goes unnoticed? Murphy proved at the first meeting he chaired he is unfit to serve even at the most basic level. His disregard for any level of decorum is unacceptable.

We the rate payers deserve better. It is time to televise the MUA meetings.

Catherine Roth
Old Bridge