Cheers and Jeers


by Damian Holbrook

Jeers to The Super Bowl

and its pre-game ad blitz. Used to be that the best part of the big game was finally getting to see the pricey, star-studded commercials, like Cardi B’s Pepsi spot (pictured). But so many of the ads debuted online days ahead of kickoff that the only real surprise was how dull the Patriots’ win over the Rams was.

Cheers to Black Monday
for its blue-chip ensemble. Showtime’s sharp-as-hell, ’80s-set Wall Street satire boasts a delicious, diverse portfolio of players—including (from left) the A-plus Regina Hall, Don Cheadle and Andrew Rannells—that pays off big for anyone who invests the time to watch.

Cheers to Mary McCormack,
multitalented multitasker! The Kids Are Alright mom took time from cracking us up on ABC (pictured) to visit NBC’s Will & Grace, where her scene-stealing gig as Grace’s bitter sister verified that this alum of dramas like The Newsroom and In Plain Sight can do pretty much everything.

Jeers to The Orville

for boldly going where nobody needs to go. Fox’s sci-fi dramedy has pulled off many crazy plots, but the recently consummated romance between robotic science officer Isaac and human Dr. Claire Finn (Mark Jackson and Penny Johnson Jerald, pictured)? That’s just too weird!