Why is George Eads leaving ‘McGyver?’


Question: Just finished watching McGyver and Jack (George Eads) said good-bye to everyone at the end, going on an Army mission. Is he gone from the show? If so, why? —Rebecca

Matt Roush: Lots of questions about this, although it was widely reported late last year that the actor asked to be let out of his contract, with reports noting that Eads wanted out to be able to spend more time away from the Atlanta set to be with his daughter in Los Angeles. There were also reports of an altercation on set, but I prefer to think of this as a mutual decision on the part of the show and the star to move on without him. So yes, that was the character’s proper farewell.

Question: Is The CW’s All American coming back?. —Lorna

Matt Roush: We may not know until May (when the networks announce their fall lineups) on this one. The fact that it doesn’t fit into a mold, or one of The CW’s favored genres (superhero, sci-fi/fantasy, rom-com soap), makes it something of an outlier. CW shows tend to get noticed more when they drop onto Netflix once their seasons are over. This boosted the fortunes of Riverdale and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend among others. How this fares on other platforms could determine its future on The CW.

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