Middlesex County residents sought to hold dinner parties to evaluate county’s future

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Middlesex County has teamed up with Rutgers University’s Public Outreach and Engagement Team (POET) to launch Set the Table! 

Adults age 18 and older who live, work and/or study in the area are sought to hold gatherings of friends, neighbors and colleagues to discuss their priorities for Middlesex County’s future as part of the extensive outreach effort for Middlesex County’s DESTINATION2040 Comprehensive Master Plan initiative.

Topics can include housing, economic opportunity, environment, transportation, land use and development, public health, arts and culture, parks and open spaces, historic preservation, technology and innovation, public services and facilities, and public safety.  In exchange, participants will report back their key ideas and suggestions for input into the DESTINATION2040 plan, which will guide how Middlesex County will grow and change over the next 20 years.

POET and Middlesex County will select up to 100 participants to receive a $50 stipend to cover food or other necessities to host a social gathering of six to eight peers. In addition, hosts will receive a “To Go Box” kit with question cards, interesting facts and other tools to help engage their guests in meaningful and fun conversation.

For more information, visit middlesexcountynj.gov/destination2040.